SENESCHAL project started

The first meeting for the SENESCHAL project took place on Monday 4th March 2013 at English Heritage, Swindon (thanks to Phil for hosting).


  • Peter McKeague (RCAHMS)
  • David Thomas (RCAHMW)
  • Phil Carlisle (EH DSU)
  • Keith May (EH Portsmouth)
  • Paul Cripps (Wessex Archaeology)
  • Holly Wright (ADS York)
  • Doug Tudhope (Glamorgan)
  • Ceri Binding (Glamorgan)

The team reviewed the project proposal and mapped out a preliminary plan of work, particularly focusing on the publication of the vocabularies as LOD. Areas discussed in more detail included hosting service, licensing, attribution, versioning and alignment of data. More to follow on these issues in future blogs. SENESCHAL case studies using the LInked Data to be discussed at forthcoming Glamorgan visit to ADS.


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