SENESCHAL project case study features in the Scottish Government Open Data resource pack

The Scottish Government have just published an Open Data Resource Pack, developed to support Scotland’s Open Data Strategy which was published in February 2015. The Strategy sets out the Scottish Government’s ambition for making data open and available for others to use and reuse. The release of data in this way will provide a societal asset which offers significant benefits to many.

The Open Data Resource Pack has been developed with support and input from organisations throughout the Scottish public sector. It provides handy tips and guidance to help public authorities throughout Scotland develop their own plans for open data. Open data is non-personal and non-commercial data which is made available online in machine readable formats and can be used, and reused for any purpose as it is available under open license. This guidance covers all the steps organisations should consider when they are thinking about releasing their data openly

The resource Pack features a case study on SENESCHAL as a successful project in publishing Linked Open Data.


Peter McKeague