[ { "uri": "http://purl.org/heritagedata/schemes/eh_period/concepts/EPR", "label": "EARLY PREHISTORIC", "label lang": "en", "note": "For monuments which are characteristic of the Paleolithic to Mesolithic but cannot be specifically assigned.", "note lang": "en" }, { "uri": "http://purl.org/heritagedata/schemes/eh_period/concepts/LPR", "label": "LATER PREHISTORIC", "label lang": "en", "note": "For monuments that can be identifed only to a date range from Neolithic to Iron Age.", "note lang": "en" }, { "uri": "http://purl.org/heritagedata/schemes/eh_period/concepts/PA", "label": "PALAEOLITHIC", "label lang": "en", "note": "The Old Stone Age defined by the practice of hunting and gathering and the use of chipped flint tools. This period is usually divided up into the Lower, Middle and Upper Palaeolithic.", "note lang": "en" } ]