[ { "property":"skos:broader", "uri":"http://purl.org/heritagedata/schemes/mda_obj/concepts/96706", "label":"Jewellery", "label lang":"en", "note":"An object, often including gems and ornamentation, used as an adornment, usually on a person.", "note lang":"en" }, { "property":"skos:narrower", "uri":"http://purl.org/heritagedata/schemes/mda_obj/concepts/96662", "label":"Bow Brooch", "label lang":"en", "note":"Any brooch with the pin sprung or hinged at one end and the catchplate at the other end of a curved or flat bow. Can be one or two piece construction.", "note lang":"en" }, { "property":"skos:narrower", "uri":"http://purl.org/heritagedata/schemes/mda_obj/concepts/96719", "label":"Penannular Brooch", "label lang":"en", "note":"A circular or sub circular brooch with an attached pin. There is a gap in the circular part of the brooch.", "note lang":"en" } ]