[ { "uri": "http://purl.org/heritagedata/schemes/eh_period/concepts/EM", "label": "EARLY MEDIEVAL", "label lang": "en", "note": "This dates from the breakdown of Roman rule in Britain to the Norman invasion in 1066 and is to be used for monuments of post Roman, Saxon and Viking date.", "note lang": "en" }, { "uri": "http://purl.org/heritagedata/schemes/eh_period/concepts/EPR", "label": "EARLY PREHISTORIC", "label lang": "en", "note": "For monuments which are characteristic of the Paleolithic to Mesolithic but cannot be specifically assigned.", "note lang": "en" }, { "uri": "http://purl.org/heritagedata/schemes/eh_period/concepts/EME", "label": "EARLY MESOLITHIC", "label lang": "en", "note": "The earliest subdivision of the Mesolithic, or Middle Stone Age.", "note lang": "en" } ]